2022 Racer Support

2022 Racer Support

Let’s grow together: 2022 Race Support Programmes

Are you MotoLoko? Are you great at producing content and promoting yourself on social media? Are you willing to be loyal to us as a brand? Do you race regularly? And are you ready to potentially be promoted to millions of people worldwide? If you answer “YES!” to all of the above then we may have a programme for you…

Grow with us: In 2022 we have some exciting opportunities for talented individuals who are ready to capture some fantastic moments wearing our gear and apparel.

Does being on a 2021 program qualify me for 2022? Unfortunately not automatically. Throughout 2021 we kept track of content, interaction, engagement and purchases. Although some of our best content providers will automatically transfer to 2022, in most cases (and like all sponsorships) the program is yearly and you’ll need to re-apply. If you are offered a place please note the change of terms and criteria.

What does the program include? Discounts, potentially massive promotion and in many cases events and photo opportunities (UK). With our program you’ll get out what you put in and those that provide the best content with naturally receive more promotion. To see some of our sponsored riders in action, check out our Facebook and Instagram.

Collage showing 4 motorsports riders wearing MotoLoko jerseys

Before we go on let’s get the elephant out the room…

The simple answer is NO, not unless you have over 100,000 followers on social media. We spread our budget and help as many people as we can. We offer much more than free product… we will give you access to product at heavily discounted prices and help you get noticed. We grow together.

If you’re successful, benefits include discounts, huge promotion and potentially lots of fun events – photo shoots, track days and, for a select few, the chance to travel with us to the USA. We have some huge ideas for 2022 as long as Covid-19 behaves itself.

How can I apply? Please read the programme information below, check you meet the criteria and hit apply. Because of sheer volume we can only get back to those who are successful. This can take up to a month.

What’s this year’s focus? We’re focusing on loyalty, content and great social media.

As a brand we have over 5 million social media views a month, we’re looking to work with racers and talented content creators who give us the media to utilise this traffic and promote one another. It’s absolutely pointless for us to give support if you jump between brands and post content in other kits and clothing. If we promote you on social media you’re going to be seen by 1000’s of people so we need your loyalty A-game.

This year our programmes will be spread across the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand & Canada. We will consider other countries if your application stands out.

Collage showing 4 motorsports riders wearing MotoLoko t-shirts and jerseys

TERMS/RULES: If you agree to the following and meet the program criteria, we look forward to hearing from you.

Exclusivity: All race programmes require you to be exclusive to MotoLoko, if you compete in Motocross, Enduro or Freestyle then you’ll be expected to wear ONLY MotoLoko MX kits. We expect anyone accepted to maximise photo opportunities, submitting them regularly via social media. If we see you post in other gear then you’ll simply be removed from the programme and your place will go to someone on the waiting list.

Content (photos / videos): This year we’ll expect at least two pieces of content from you a month. This content must be high quality and good enough for us to use on social media and our website.

Social media: Your social media presence will be strong. Each of our programmes has a minimum amount of posts and followers needed to apply.

Social posts and stories: This content must be appropriate, well thought out and posted monthly. We’d also appreciate it if you liked and shared MotoLoko when you see our posts.

Kits / apparel: If you’re accepted for a programme we would (within reason) like you to stay up to date with the ranges as we develop. To keep content fresh you’ll need to have a few set ups to create media both on and off the track. We’ll continue to work on cool designs and your job is to help showcase them 👍🏻 In return, we’ll promote the best photos to our huge and ever growing monthly following.

Product development / feedback: We’ll need your help so we can constantly improve our products. On support you’ll likely have access to designs and new products first (sometimes in the prototype phase) so your feedback on fit, quality and any issues is absolutely essential to our growth. Racers that feedback regularly are more valuable and naturally open themselves to better benefits. As a team, we build and improve together.

Each programme from Starter to Factory relies on your social media being strong… Racing is important but if you’re unable to promote yourself then it’ll be very hard for us to promote you. You will however be competing on a regular basis.

LIMITED PLACES: We receive 1000’s of applications and have only 250 places, therefore our requirements this year are super strict. You’ll only get 1 chance to apply, so please make sure you apply for the correct programme.

Collage showing 4 motorsports riders wearing MotoLoko hoodies and jerseys
Allstar athlete support programme 2021 logo

Benefits Include:

  • Limited Promotion on social media
  • 20% discount on all products

Essential Criteria:

  • Exclusive to solely wear MotoLoko kits & clothing
  • 350+ Instagram followers
  • 30+ high quality racing photos
  • Stay up to date with products owned
  • Must own and exclusively wear at least one full kit
Elite athlete support programme 2021 logo

Benefits Include:

  • Promotion on social media
  • 25% discount on all products
  • Track days

Essential Criteria:

  • Exclusive to solely wear MotoLoko kits & clothing
  • Must own at least 2 full kits
  • Stay up to date with ranges owned
  • 1250+ Instagram followers
  • 50+ high quality racing posts
  • Quality content
  • Help to develop starter racers
Factory athlete support programme 2021 logo

If you have a large social following, great content and you’d like to help us develop our range then hit apply.

Benefits Include:

  • Promotion on social media
  • 35% to 50% discount on all products
  • Photo shoots / videography / Track days

Essential Criteria:

  • Racing at a high level
  • Exclusive to solely wear MotoLoko kits & clothing
  • Must own at least 3 full kits
  • Product testing / feedback
  • Big social media – 15000+ Instagram followers
  • Constant feed of great content
  • Availability for photo shoots
  • Help develop our Elite riders
Starter support programme 2021 logo

Benefits Include:

  • Single-use 15% off discount code.

This program is to get you started. No commitment to us and here to get you rocking… show us what you’re capable of and let’s look to get you levelled up.

Essential Criteria:

  • 200+ Instagram followers
  • 20+ high quality racing photos
  • A great character & willingness to build your social media
Media partner support programme 2021 logo

Are you a YouTuber, Influencer, Photograher or Videographer?

Can you produce great content or exposure? If so, then we’d love to explore working with you. Tell us your ideas and we’ll get back to you.

Note: For free product you must have over 50,000 followers / subscribers.

Event support programme 2021 logo

If you’d like us to get involved in your event, please submit your request here. Please note, we very rarely pay to be at events and are more likely to cross promote.