Founded by Darren and his father Richard, both long term motocross/motorsport enthusiasts.

Like so many great parents Richard encouraged Darren to get into motocross as a kid. Motocross is a sport that gets into your heart and bonds many families around the world.

In August 2018, Richard was sadly diagnosed with terminal cancer. After the initial shock and distress that the C word causes to any family… reality started to set in. Richard was initially forced to stop working and at this point his health started to deteriorate.

Seeing the change in his father and noticing the digression caused by losing purpose, Darren decided to work with him to launch MotoLoko (an idea he had had for some time).

Richard is a strong minded, inspirational man who continues to battle cancer everyday. He attends every event and can often be found online and track side giving encouragement and advice to our support riders.

What is MotoLoko?

MotoLoko was formed to supply all ages and families with top quality and fair priced customised apparel, kit and accessories. Our goal is to help strengthen and promote your surname on and off the track. The brand is all about family and family starts with your name.

Our name MotoLoko was first born when Darren was watching Axell Hodges and Twitch jump ramps in California. Whilst watching Darren commented “they’re crazy” and someone replied “yeah they’re loco” meaning crazy in Spanish. That little comment got Darren thinking – what a cool name ‘MotoLoko’ could be…

The California lifestyle and passion of those who ride inspired the ethos and essence of MotoLoko.

Within 18 months we achieved over 10000 sales, had a social media following of over 40,000 and was shipping globally. Our product offering continues to strategically expand weekly.

To offer our support to motorsport and the individuals and families that sacrifice to race weekly we decided to set up a support program.

This program now offers discounts, training events and advice to over 200 racers in 9 countries and several different motorsports including side cars, jet skis, snow mobiles, drag and GT racing.

Look after your family, enjoy your life and #RideLoko